Cacao Tree

The Ingredients

At Pacific Chocolate Company we have a simple goal which is to make a consistently fantastic chocolate.

We realized early on that achieving our goal requires investing in the highest quality ingredients available. What goes into our chocolate is what distinguishes us from larger chocolate producers and what makes our artisan chocolate rise to the top.

We work directly with our cacao supplier and, in exchange for equitable wages for the farmer, our cacao receives the attention that it needs to develop the unique fruit-forward flavor characteristics and distinctive red color.

Our sugar is sourced from the largest, ethically-run organic sugar producer in South America and our high quality milk powder is made from the cream of grass-fed cows in Northern California. Even the pinch of sel de mer is best available.

You can be sure that every ingredient in Pacific Chocolate Company chocolate premium quality and ethically sourced.

Milk Cows Grazing
Sugar Field
Cacao Farmer
Cacao Drying
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Pacific Chocolate Company

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Est. 2021

Pacific Chocolate Company - San Diego California artisanal chocolate makers