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Pacific Original

The Pacific Original took many years and batches before we were satisfied that we could let this milk chocolate out of the barn. Now it is our house chocolate and we are very proud of it.

Complex fruit-forward flavors of house-roasted Brazilian Cacao provide the framework for a semi-sweet chocolate with intense creaminess, finishing with rich caramel flavors, and a touch of salt.

So good.

You’ll want to hide it.

Pacific Chocolate Original
Golden Almond bar

Pacific Golden Almond

The Pacific Golden Almond is a natural second act to the Pacific Original.

The roasted crunch of fresh almonds is a particularly good match for the rich creaminess of our house chocolate.

We teamed up with a local almond roaster to source nuts that
are able to meet our “no compromise” quality standards.

It leaves you and whoever you share it with wanting more.

Pacific Dark Lava

Pacific Dark Lava is a lava flow of rich, dark chocolate across your palate. Our 60% dark chocolate showcases the bright, berry-forward cacao character that we developed in partnership with our direct trade farmers in Brazil.

Flavors of dark raspberry, strawberry, grape and plum are balanced with a slight chocolate bitterness to create a uniquely clean tasting and approachable chocolate.

Delicious on it’s own, it really pops when paired with apples, cheese, or wine (especially fruit-forward white wine or a Zinfandel, our personal favorite). 100% organic.

Orange Bliss
Orange Bliss

Pacific Orange Bliss

Pacific Orange Bliss carries on a long European tradition of combining candied orange with chocolate. We have since found out, while having our recipes taste-tested by friends and neighbors, that orange chocolate is a tradition in France, Portugal, Lebanon, Greece and…. possibly the entire World.

We perfected the balance of sweet and tart, transporting orange chocolate lovers of the world to special moments in their lives.

This chocolate makes a nice gift.

Too nice, perhaps, so you might just want to hold onto it.

(Seasonal Availability to Pacific Chocolate Club Members)

Pacific Razz Crisp

Pacific Razz began as a whimsical way to get crispy bits into our Pacific Original. What developed from the raspberry is much more elegant than we intended, and thankfully so. The interplay of raspberry tartness and creamy caramel notes is perfectly matched for a milk chocolate with a light and crispy crunch.

You’ll want an especially good hiding spot for this one if there are children around.

(Seasonal Availability to Pacific Chocolate Club Members)
Pacific Razz Crisp

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