Great chocolate is unforgettable.

About the Pacific Chocolate Company

It is hard to say that any chocolate can live up to the milk chocolate that I remember eating as a child in France.

The memories of that creamy, melting chocolate made such a strong impression that I searched far and wide for an equal and without much success.

Already an award-winning and professional brewer and winemaker, I threw myself into the craft of chocolate making with one goal in mind: to re-create that wonderful milk chocolate.

From choosing the raw cacao, to roasting, to grinding, to conching, to tempering, to molding; each part of the process and ingredients was considered and re-considered, batch after batch.

Pacific Chocolate at the Eiffel Tower

The chocolate that you hold in your hands is the reward of that time and effort. Our house chocolate has a balanced, layering, complexity of flavor that carries through to the finish. It may or may not be the chocolate of my childhood but it surely is a wonderful milk chocolate.

This is one for you to remember.

Frederick Brophy
Pacific Chocolate Company
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Pacific Chocolate Company

San Diego CA

Est. 2021

Pacific Chocolate Company - San Diego California artisanal chocolate makers